How to Write & Publish your Book and/or Manual


Learn how to structure your own non-fiction book or manual...

...and easily sell on Amazon.

In this masterclass, you'll learn a great way to add multiple income to your business.

Having a book opens so many doors for you, adds additional income and is a great way to grow your brand and business!!

You'll learn:

  • My best practice to structure your book
  • How I managed to finally write my book (If I could do it with 2 young kids who were 2 and 6 at the time, YOU can too!)
  • My holistic approach to managing life, business and writing
  • Marketing tactics to sell more books
  • My favourite tools and hacks to help you write your book

How to Write & Publish your Book and/or Manual Masterclass

$45 USD

  • ~2 hour video training on How to Write & Publish your Book and/or Manual
  • Accompanying workbook for the program

Learn how to get in on the action and get writing/publishing your own book/manual!


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