How to Inspire, Lead and Gain Confidence & Authority through Speaking

If you’re not leveraging speaking opportunities for your business, then you are missing out on a HUGE potential that can double, or even triple your business growth!


Do you find yourself… 

  • Worrying what people will say
  • Thinking you’re not good enough 
  • Don’t feel you have anything interesting to say

If this is the case, then this episode is for you.


Today we have Speaking Coach & Strategist, Laurie-Ann joining us for a conversation on how to communicate with confidence and leverage speaking opportunities to be positioned as the expert you are, and attract high-end clients and monetize your authority.


Tune into today’s episode where we dig into…

  • Why and how developing your speaker platform can build authority and credibility in your business
  • How a shy and introverted person who fears speaking, can transition to a powerful confident professional speaker
  • The best places to find speaking opportunities (you’re not gonna want to miss this! - easier than you think)
  • The secret sauce and method to convert your audience into paying clients (hello BIG sales!)
  • …And much more!


It’s time to increase your authority and visibility through speaking. Listen in to learn how.


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