The Path to Personal Greatness begins with Personal Mastery


Today, we have author, speaker, educator, and an integrated peak performance consultant and advisor to entrepreneurs, athletes, leaders, and those motivated to perform at higher levels in their lives Alvin Brown.

In this powerful conversation, Alvin shares how you can begin to design your personal greatness journey to show up more powerfully and authentically in your personal and professional life.


In this episode, you’ll hear…

  • What's really behind your biggest challenges and obstacles and what it means to your journey to personal greatness
  • What personal mastery REALLY means
  • The ONE thing you need, to begin to move towards your own definition of personal greatness
  • The simple, YET powerful exercise that’ll take you falling short on your goals, to getting the outcomes you want
  • Why you resist commitment and discipline needed to show up for your goals and dreams
  • The powerful question to ask yourself to fix the biggest bottleneck in your life and business
  • Learn the power of Alvin’s 4 pillars of mastery and how to leverage it for your own personal greatness
  • And so much more!

This is an incredible conversation I know you won’t want to miss!


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