Why Living Your Dreams Begins With Choice


If you're not getting the results you want in your life and in your business, recognize to transform this begins with one thing: Choice.

Every moment of every day you’re choosing.

You choose actions that take you closer or away from your goals and dreams.

You may be choosing on autopilot, based on old habits and past patterns. Allowing outside circumstances to influence your feelings and actions.

Consequently, living by circumstance instead of living by conscious choice. In today’s episode I dig into…

  • The power of your vision to choose the outcomes you want

  • Why your identity will overshadow your potential (and how it helped reach more people in my book signing)

  • The vision that led to Oprah’s success

  • A powerful tool that supports your vision and helps you manifest your goals and dreams

  • A new empowered approach to ‘responsibility’

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