Create Your Online Course Or Program

Leverage your expertise and intellectual property...

...into an online program, and monetize your knowledge, passion and gifts!

Creating an online program is one of the best ways to scale and grow your business.


And no, it does NOT have to cost you a lot of money to execute, nor do you need a large following to make it work.

Creating an online programis amazing for:

Making more money

Leveraging your expertise

Scaling your business

Create more time and freedom

Build authority

Repurpose the training

for signature talks, book, youtube videos etc.

Topics covered will include:

  • The benefits of creating an online program and course
  • Types and forms of digital programs you can create
  • Planning, pricing and positioning considerations
  • Content planning
  • Tech and delivery
  • Useful tools and support
  • Launch models
  • Ways to market your programs
  • And more!

Create Your Online Course Or Program

$45 USD

  • ~2 hour video training on how to Create Your Online Course Or Program
  • Accompanying workbook for the program

Learn how to get in on the action and leverage your expertise and intellectual property!


Got questions? Email our team at [email protected].

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