This is Why Your Business Won’t Bring You the Freedom You're Looking For

Today, I want to share with you an honest reason why your business won't bring you the freedom you're looking for.

Ask any business owner why they started their business, and one of the biggest reasons they’ll say is to have more freedom.

They long to work for themselves so they can own their time and not be dependent on others.

The funny thing though, is ask the same business owner and they’ll say they now work more hours as an entrepreneur than they did in a corporate job.

I know, like many heart-centred entrepreneurs you started your business to serve others, AND to gain more control over your life... yet the reality is that your business is now controlling YOU!

I feel you.

The challenge that you and many entrepreneurs face is that you're chained to your business.

You're doing all the roles, and the very thing you sought to obtain (freedom) seems to now elude you.

Here's the thing though, when you continue to work in your business and not on your business, you’re less strategic and unable to drive your business further.

When you continue to do everything yourself, you end up becoming the bottleneck and the block to your business growth.

Think about how much you charge for your work.

When you continue to spend your time on work that you could’ve outsourced, it's costing you the amount someone could have paid you for your hourly fee and MORE.

Yes, you may be thinking you don’t have enough clients yet, but have you considered the reason you don’t have enough clients is because you continue to spend time on areas that don't drive sales nor growth?

There are so many ways to get great support for your business that cost a fraction of what you’d expect!

This is something I teach my members inside my Dream Life Designer Membership, and many of my members comment how much freedom and ease they now have - and often say 'why didn't I do this sooner!' 

When heart-centred entrepreneurs like you learn how to delegate and manage your time, that is when you gain the freedom you’re looking for (Not to mention increasing your income in the process). 

How would your life and business be different if you stayed in your zone of genius and got the right support to build and scale your business?

Think about how fulfilled, at ease and peace you’ll feel when you stop trying to do it all yourself! 

So this week, I invite you to look at your business and see where you can do less better, get support, and stay in your zone of genius.

Here's to building an incredibly profitable business from a place of ease, peace and freedom!


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