Why you can’t get what you want!

I’ve been noticing recently, some entrepreneurs openly express their struggles in their business. Whether they’re experiencing lack of growth or not making the kind of impact they thought they’d be making.

The interesting thing about some of these business owners is that on the surface, they seem to have everything going for them; money, success, and clients. Yet they’re constantly comparing themselves to others and feeling that they should be further ahead than they are.  

When I look at the core of this issue though, I’ve come to understand that these entrepreneurs’ struggles are based on the fact that they’re looking for validation from external factors. They’re tying their self worth to what they have, or have not been able to accomplish.

Sound familiar?

I know I’ve personally been in this place… many times!

I recently came across a statement through an online program I took from Katrina Ruth, and she said something that really resonated with me.

She said, you simply can’t manifest what you desire if you’re not already enough without it.’

Here’s the thing about manifesting or creating change in your life and business. You have to be and feel enough without it. It can’t be about the result or change validating and making you feel complete and happy.

If you’re in a place where you’re feeling that you’re not enough without the manifestation of your goals, then it’s simply not going to happen. Or it’ll take longer than it should.

So can you be enough without…

  • The money
  • Clients
  • Relationship
  • Body

You name it.

Can you be enough RIGHT NOW, as is! Because it’s in knowing that you’re enough, are you able to be in the energetic place to call it in.

Don’t desperately seek it, thinking that this external thing will finally make you worthy and happy, because it won’t.

The beautiful thing about this is once you feel enough just as you are, without physical evidence of your desires. It’s from this place that everything your heart desires begins to show up for you.


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