Why Fear is the Idleness of the Will

Eliphas Levi, a French author born in the early 1800’s has been quoted to say

‘Fear is nothing but idleness of the will.’

Now, it took me a bit of time to unpack this statement, but when I did, there was such power in it that I had to share with you today.

When you find yourself overcome with fear; you feel stuck, paralyzed, and unable to take action. This inaction feeds your fear even more.

The answer for me is to take action. You’ll then begin to see that what you feared was simply an illusion. It was not real. And by sitting in the fearful thoughts without taking action, you get consumed by those thoughts and they multiple. Move your attention and take action.

Moving your attention and taking action takes will… your willpower. Merriam-Webster defines willpower as ‘energetic determination.’

So when you’re feeling helpless and consumed by fearful thoughts about how and why you can’t do something, know that you’re not exerting your energetic determination to shift and take action. You’re allowing fear to control you versus taking control of the situation. You are not using your will to bring about your desired results!

When you stay in fear, you’re at that moment forgetting you have a beautiful power available to you. For me, I remember that I have the power of Spirit that created this vast Universe available to me.

The power the created mountains, oceans and the complex body that houses our spirit and so much more! When I remember that I have this power in me and available for me, what do I have to fear?

One of my favorite lines from A Course in Miracles is

‘If you knew Who walks beside you on the way that you have chosen, fear would be impossible.’

So next time you find yourself stuck and your attention spiraling out of control, make use of your will. You are the co-creator of your world. It is non-action that keeps you spiraling.

You are a force that can be, do and have anything your heart desires. This is your truth. Stop giving your power away to something outside of you. YOU are stronger and more powerful than you realize.


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