Uchechi with the amazing Dr. Wayne Dyer

Weekend of Love

I recently attended the Hay House “I Can Do It” event in Toronto. This was the first one I attended and I can tell you now, it will not be my last.

It was a weekend that was filled with love, inspiration, and a sense of belonging. I must say that sometimes, being on this Spiritual quest can be lonesome.

You take your thinking to a higher level and come to the realization that our outer world, is but a mirror reflecting back what is in our internal state. And to truly live the life we want and desire, begins with us.

Some close friends of mine have dismissed this notion in the past and I sometimes hear “Oh Uch and her positive thinking again”. What I loved about this event was that I was with like-minded people who truly understood the impact of our thinking, and the effect it has on us and our population.

There was a session with Gregg Braden, who showed us a video letter from an Israeli man (named Ronny) to the people of Iran.

This video was uploaded on Facebook and was titled, “We will never bomb your country. We love you.”

Both Israelis and Iranians then uploaded videos and photos of themselves saying either “Iranians, We love You” or “Israelis, We Love You”.

It was such beautiful and powerful images to see. The love, tears, and energy of the 2500 people that filled that auditorium was undeniable. It penetrated our souls and allowed us to see beauty and love in such a dark and negative situation. What also amazed (not surprised, but amazed) me was that all it took was one man named Ronny, to upload one video that sparked such a wonderful, positive response.

At that moment, I committed to not to let my ego direct me towards fear and to work at feeling the love and belonging like I felt during that weekend. No matter what others may say and feel,

I know there is a change in consciousness coming. I had a lady beside me who was much older than I, comment right before we heard the amazing Dr. Wayne Dyer speak, that she wished she knew all these things years ago. That it would have saved her many years of suffering.

As she said that, I felt so blessed and grateful that I was able to learn these lessons now at my age, without years of suffering. I’ve had my fair share of disappointments, but I see them now as growth.

Robert Holden said it brilliantly at the conference, he said we either go through life or grow through life. I love the fact that I am growing on a daily basis.

I’ve had people think that I was naïve and crazy for my beliefs, and at those times, it would hit a cord. My ego would rise up and I would feel the need to defend my position.

Other times, I would shrink and try to hide my beliefs, almost ashamed of this beautiful consciousness that I had inside.

The thing that amazes me is that the people who oftentimes question me, are the very same ones that comment how lucky I am that I am able to achieve my goals. Does it ever occur to them that it is because of my beliefs? Most people (my husband included) have the approach that they will believe it when they see it. I say I will see it because I believe it! I have had so many miracles occur as a result and there is no turning back. I shine my light bright for all to see in hopes that it will help spark the light in them.

This is the reason I founded My Empowered Living. To give you a space to connect and grow.

There are many sites and tools out there that do the same (herfuture.com and thedailylove.com to name a few). I say bravo!

There is so much hate, fear and doubt out there. My goal is to share love, hope, and peace to all. Please join me to shed light to the world.

With Love and Gratitude!


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