This One Question Can Shift EVERYTHING for you!

Last week in a coaching session, my coach asked me a question that really made me rethink the way I was showing up in my business. On a hot seat, he asked ‘what is the number one constraint keeping you out of action?'

I thought about it for a moment, and the first thing that popped in my head was procrastination. Sound familiar?

Now, those who know me personally and professionally would be surprised to hear this. However, yes, I too get caught up in procrastination. Although I do end up completing the task needed, it sometimes takes me time to get started.

When I answered procrastination to his question, right away he said to me ‘procrastination is fear based’. When you get into procrastination, it’s because you’re getting into fear. Maybe it’s fear of judgment, failure, what others may think, you name it, but it was fear behind my procrastination.

Because procrastination was the #1 constraint keeping me from action, and it was fear based, that meant I must show up in my business in a courageous way. So this is now my focus and theme for my business this year. To be courageous.

I have to admit, as soon as he said it, his words resonated loud and clear! As much as I’ve done many things that people would label ‘accomplished’ and ‘bold’, I know that I’ve also held myself back. I can think of many examples where I’ve held back due to fear, and I know I’m certainly not alone in this.

So I’d love for you to do this exercise. Think about the biggest bottleneck in your life and/or business. What is the #1 constraint that’s keeping you from taking action? Maybe it’s procrastination, lack of commitment and self-integrity. This question will reveal so much for you.

Once you’ve identified what this bottleneck and constraint is, determine the reason behind it. As you identify the reason, get to work to eliminate the constraint. When this constraint is removed you’ll then begin to do the actions required to get results.

Taking my #1 constraint of procrastination and the cause being fear, my focus as I mentioned is to be more courageous. I then identified what courageous looked like for me and also me what it does NOT look like.

For me, courageous looks like:

  • Being more visible in my business
  • Sharing my ideas and offers confidently
  • Having difficult conversations 
  • Continuing to step outside my comfort zone
  • Asking for money and sales confidently and OWNING my price
  • Saying NO to the wrong clients and opportunities

When I’m NOT courageous, it looks like…

  • Putting off programs and offers
  • Holding back 
  • Not following through
  • Not following up on invoices and money owed to me
  • Hiding
  • ‘Delayism’ and ‘escapsim’ (hello… Facebook!!!)

Next time I see myself being misaligned, I can easily identify it and take the actions of what it looks like for me to be courageous, so I can continue to move forward and make progress.

Again, I invite you to do this exercise for yourself and hold yourself accountable to BE who you need to be, so you can take the actions to remove this constraint.

As you do this, your biggest bottleneck will be alleviated and you’ll start to experience amazing breakthroughs.


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