This is How you Make Tough Business Decisions

Looking back at my days as a Sr. Category Manager/Buyer, I remember having to make some tough calls!

I mean, we're talking about deciding what products to put on store shelves, at what price, where to place them... you name it, I had to make the call.

There was this one time, a sweet older gentleman pitched his skincare line. Let me tell you, his passion was contagious!

I wanted to support him so badly, but I had to stop and ask myself… Is this really going to serve my shoppers?

Is this line unique enough?

Will it actually make an impact and profit for my organization?

You may not be a buyer, but let me tell you, tough decisions are essential to running a business. Whether it's the products you're offering or the strategies you're implementing, it's all about the impact on your customers.

What's in it for them?

Is your offer truly unique and different?

Because, I tell you, your business success hinges on how well you serve your customers and what you offer them.

The decisions you make should be a reflection of your commitment to serving them.

So, before you make any move, ask yourself…

How will this benefit my customer?

Is it going to blow their socks off?

And of course, how will it contribute to the growth and profitability of my business?

Remember, every decision is an opportunity to serve and stand out. So make those decisions with intention, always keeping your customer's needs at the forefront.

You've got this!


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