This is how women are changing the world through their business.

As I reflect back over the last month, I find myself in an absolute state of gratitude.

In March, I had the pleasure of delivering 3-day business development training to a company led by an incredible woman. I met the owner when I spoke at a women’s networking event in the fall and she invited me to do a deep dive intensive with her team.

The first thing I noticed when I went into this company was the love; connection and family feel she created in her business. I was truly grateful to be amongst that environment. Some of her staff also had businesses, which she paid for them to get additional training and encouraged them to pursue.

Her mission was for her team to create more wealth and success in their life.

Later in March, I also had the honour of speaking at the Women Who Lead event, organized by my amazing MP (Member of Parliament) Celina Caesar-Chavannes, in celebration for International Women’s Day.

I was the keynote for this event, and a member of the panel they had. It was a great afternoon of women sharing their stories, journey, and how we overcame our struggles to create the level of success we now enjoy.

As I come across women building and working on their business, I marvel and think about the future where every woman fully rose and step into her power and create the success they desire.

I see the possibility like what I saw with the company I trained, a place where people feel a sense of love, trust, loyalty, and being cared for.

This is definitely different from traditional businesses we see today. Yes, it may be generalizing that women business owners lead this way, but from what I see in myself, clients, and those in my circle, our business goal is much more than us. It’s based on serving our customers, team, community, and the world.

Our goal is to serve others, in a big way through our products and services. When we’re able to do this, success naturally follows.

As more women grow their businesses and step into the success and wealth that’s available to them, we become the mirror for others to see what is possible for them. We show others the path, and become an example for them.

This ability is available to all of us. It starts with taking the time and defining what your business stands for? What is the vision for your business and how do you want to serve and impact the world around you? Then get to work to make it happen.

When you show up armed with vision and purpose, you become the leader that achieves success, and help others do the same.

It’s time to rise sister!


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