Stand as the Source of your Own Power

My coach said something recently that made me stop and reflect.

He said, powerful people stand as the source of their own power.’

It was such a brilliant and powerful statement that struck me because of the deep truth it contained.

How many times have you given your power away to an outside source? Maybe it’s your spouse coming home after a bad day at work and bringing all that negative energy into your space, when you’ve been feeling great and positive all day. Or possibly a troll on Facebook makes a negative comment on something you’ve worked hard to put out and took courage to share?

Both circumstances made you go from a state of love and peace to fear, worry, anger or frustration.

Just as we have energy vampires, we also have power vampires. If we’re not careful, we can give our power to them. When we allow outside circumstances to dictate our internal feelings and shift our energy from peace to worry, anger and frustrations, we give them our power.

Here’s the truth. You are a cosmic being! You can decide NOW to not allow others affect your internal peace and sense of self. When you do, you work by circumstance instead of by choice.

Whatever happens or what someone else does is external to you, but your feelings and emotions are internal. Consequently, you have power and dominion over it.

It’s time to no longer be available to the stress, drama and negative energy from others.

I see many women give their power away and shrink. They have a hard time seeing the beauty, power and grace within them. They dismiss their brilliance and allow others to label who they are. They see themselves as powerless, unworthy and less than.

If you find yourself in this place, please remember that no matter how this came about in your life, you have the power in this moment to change it. It starts by seeing and stepping into the identity of the powerful being you were born to be, and dismissing anything contrary to that.

At first it will feel foreign, but trust me, keep on seeing yourself in this light. Think and feel it and know that THIS IS YOU.

Before you know it, this will become your ultimate reality. And when someone or something tries to tell you otherwise you'll show up with grace and strength and no longer be available for negative energy.

When you begin to live from this place, you not only become a powerful example for yourself, but also for those around you. From this place you then become a mirror for others to see the power that resides in them.


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