So you think you have nothing new to offer? Read this!

Lately in my coaching practice, many of my clients have been experiencing somewhat of an imposter syndrome. They’re feeling a little stuck in their message, because to them, ‘it’s all been said and done before, so why bother’.

Sound familiar?

Yes, I know you’ve probably been there at some point in your journey. Truth is… we’ve ALL been there. Myself included.

I felt this big time when I embarked to write my book From Aspiration to Fulfillment. I thought about all the authors that have written books (great books no less) on achieving their goals and manifesting. My bookshelf is full of books on the same topic.

And that was when it hit me, my bookshelf was full of books on the same topic and each and every one of them had a huge influence on me.

Different authors said many of the same things, but each author’s stories on the lessons hit me differently than others. And no matter what, I felt that I got something useful, valuable and impactful from each book.

That gave me the comfort to know that even though many books have been written on the same topic as mine, none of them was written through my lens and perspective. As a result, there was something my readers can could gain from reading the lessons from me.

Another big thing too was that I know I had a gift and passion within me that was bursting to come alive. It had been a great desire of mine to write a book.

My beloved teacher Wayne Dyer used to write, ‘Don’t die with your music left in you.’

And so I wrote. I allowed my music to play and the response from my readers has been incredibly amazing. A response and impact I would never have made had I let the fear of ‘others have said it before’ stop me.

So, what about you?

What music do you have inside of you? Let this this be your permission to shine and let your voice be heard and your face seen.

Truly, there’s someone out there waiting for your message and for you to help them in some way. YOU may be the ticket for them to experience their biggest breakthrough.

It is my belief that burying your message and gifts that’s meant to be shared with others, is an act of selfishness. Yes, you are being selfish for keeping your gifts to yourself!

Leo Buscaglia said it best;

“Your talent is God's gift to you. What you do with it is your gift back to God.”

It’s time to stop the selfish act and share your message and gifts with the world. You’re ready!

It’s time!

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