Lessons from this Event

I was moved to write this post, in light of the events of Friday in Newtown Connecticut. Like all of you, my heart was completely broken at the news. I could not even imagine what the families of these beautiful souls must be going through, especially during this holiday time.

Like many of you, I went from utter shock to sadness, anger, helplessness, and back to sadness. During this time all I could do is pray.

There are some events such as these that occur and can lead one to question their faith and the meaning of a higher power. But I urge those feeling this way that this is more the time to depend on that higher power. I don't care the name you give it; God, Source, Universe, Lao-Tzu, Buddha, Holy Spirit, the sky! Whatever works for you!

I always say, same definition different terms; use what fits within your spiritual practice. My term is God, so I looked to him and prayed that he give these families the strength to move through and grow from this tragedy.
I looked to see what lessons I can take away from this event. The things that came to me, is #1 how fragile life is. It is important to remember the true value of our lives and keep them into perspective. I am like many of you that work hard and have many aspirations.

One of the things that have been coming up for me is the need to be more present in the moments I spend with my family. Yes, times I am physically there, but my attention would be on my emails, thinking about work, business, etc.

One of my goals is definitely to be present especially with my time with my little man. I cannot even imagine being one of the parents of the lost children. They would give the world 100 times over to be able to get a hug and kiss from their beautiful children.

Another lesson that I am able to partake from this is just how much LOVE the world needs. This is so huge because what I truly feel in my heart is that we need to give more love. I know this may sound like the 60's movement, but I truly know in my heart that love heals all.

If we can look at someone we do not know and send them love and blessings, I believe we can transform our world. As you commute to work in the morning, look to the drivers and commuters around you and quietly send them love and blessings.

Wow, can you imagine driving along and someone in a car beside you, a complete stranger is offering you a blessing? How would our world be different if we made a conscious effort to love and forgive those we come in contact with, no matter how much they may annoy or aggravate us? I believe these actions carry such great energetic pull.

As we ourselves chose to have more faith in love than fear, we can help transform our global consciousness.

This week marks the end of an era. No, it's not the end of the world, but the end of an era. Lets us all join and be a part of a new consciousness that says, we chose to see with the eyes of God (insert your own term here), and hear, trust and act on his words. Let's choose to be ambassadors of love and shine our great light on this planet that so desperately needs it.

It reminds me of why I created My Empowered Living in the first place. After having my son, I needed to know that I was contributing to spreading positive energy. As all parents feel and as we feel at times such as these events, we feel helpless.

I wanted to somehow know I was spreading an energy that will help create peace, love, and happiness in this world that will be inherited by him. His birth inspired that, and especially with events like these, we need to be inspired to spread our love energy.

Please join me. Who can you bless and send love to today? Let's do this in the name of all those beautiful souls that we lost.


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