Lessons from Day 1 Hay House World Summit - Cheryl Richardson

Trust your Intuition

We all have an intuitive power that resides within, that guides and directs us. It has the power to lead us when faced with uncertainty and when we do not know the answer (which we should never be afraid to admit).

To access this great power we need to get quiet, go inside, and pay attention to that inner guide/voice, and take action.


Get to the Root Cause

When you find yourself spinning your wheels it means there is a deeper issue to what you are going through. What is the source of your issue? Once you tell the truth, you are able to transform it.

It is important to have someone in your life that can support you. Have them ask you the following questions:

  • If this problem were just the symptom, what can the source of the problem be? Be willing to look at the deeper picture.
  • What do you need in order to feel safe? All of our stresses is a result of not feeling safe and secure.
    Affirm: Everything that is happening is for my highest good.

Need to make time for Extreme Self Care

  • Do not be afraid to disappoint others. In her book, she actually suggests every day for 30 days looking for someone to disappoint and piss off. This is not to be done maliciously or as a pass to be mean to others, but this is more for the addictive people pleaser who always puts themselves last. When you constantly do this, you end up dismissing your own needs and then becoming resentful. This 30 day challenge helps you to practice becoming comfortable to saying no when you need to say no to others.
  • She also gave a really great response to say to other people's invitation when you really do not want to go. It is the following:
    "Thank you for inviting me to ___________. Although I am unable to ____________ I wish you all the best. 

Some other random goodies:

  • At some point, you have to be willing to make the leap
  • Master the art of communication
  • Learn how to connect with people
  • Be willing to go against the grain. Be willing to have people call you crazy!



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