How to Stop 'Powering' Your Way and Feel More Supported and at Ease

Have you ever felt the need to push and depend solely on yourself to make things happen?

There were times I did.

Yes, to attain anything worthwhile, we need put in the work, be persistent and strive.

But here's what I know to be true.

There's another version where you rely on intuitive and spiritual support. This support allows you to accomplish things in a state of ease and flow.

You can harness this support by starting your day in silent meditation and/or prayer asking God/Universe/Source (enter whatever term fits with your spiritual practice) to lead the way and guide you.

No, this does not mean you sit on a meditation pillow all day and meditate your way to success.

Not at all.

What I'm saying though is for me, the times when I've had the most success and opportunities both in business and personal life, are when I consciously chose to connect to my inner wisdom and power.

The times I've felt the most guided are when I stayed true and committed to my spiritual practice.

Days when I come across resistance and feel things aren't working as planned, is when I know I must reconnect.

There're times when you'll feel overwhelmed with upcoming deadlines and commitments that you can't see your way through.

This is your call to stop. Take a deep long breath, connect and tune into your spiritual support.

This simple practice is so powerful because it helps bring calmness and clarity.

How else can you incorporate spiritual guidance in your work and business?

You can...

💫 Say a silent prayer before heading into an important meeting, presentation or client call

💫 Ask to be of the highest service to those you serve, through your work and business

💫 Deal with a difficult colleague, customer or client, by asking Universe/God to show you how to love this and the lesson in this situation

💫 Visualize and intend what kind of day you'd love to have, first thing when you get up and give thanks to the amazing day that's upon you

It's truly amazing how things start to flow. Your work, business and life becomes less draining because you're using Spirit as your personal advisor, partner and 'assistant'; rather than trying to power our way through it.

So why not take some time today to take a step back, relax, and seek the support that's available for you?

From this place you'll begin to create the results you want without your current level of stress and overwhelm.


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