How to Demand Excellence in a Healthy Way

I received another new question on Facebook that I thought would be great to share here with you. A man asked how he could demand excellence from himself in a HEALTHY way.

He went on to say that he plans on being very productive and producing high value in the future, but he’s done with getting on himself.

I absolutely loved the question! I know he’s not alone in feeling this way. I’ve struggled with this in the past, and to be honest sometimes I see it creeping into my life at times.

Now, there are so many elements to this question, but really the short answer is all about GRATITUDE!

Yes, you can demand excellence of yourself and work to produce high value, but the key to enjoying the process is to remain in a state of gratitude for all you currently have during the pursuit.

It’s about being eager for more while appreciating where you are.

There’s also the element of detachment, which is something I touched upon in my last post. Can you let go of your attachment to the form of how something is supposed to happen and instead focus on what you truly want? 

Then there's the need for perfection. We tend to confuse excellence with perfection, however the latter is neither real nor achievable!

Recognize that as long as you're taking consistent action (process driven), showing up, playing full out, you will be exactly where you need to be.

When your actions are based on love and you feel guided, inspired, TRUSTING the process, the pursuit will feel peaceful and you’ll be more at ease. Oftentimes the sense of 'being hard' on yourself, which he mentioned in his question, is a result of not seeing the physical manifestation of what you’re working on.

Remember, being hard on yourself adds resistance. It lowers your energetic frequency, which puts you out of alignment to what you truly desire. As a result, you begin to tie your self-worth to your achievements, which leads to self-criticism, judgment and frustration.

​​​This is why I say gratitude is the key, because if you pursue excellence while remaining in a state of gratitude, your energetic vibration will be in alignment to your greater good.

Action + alignment will get you the results you truly want!

So, keep on pursuing excellence, while being in a state of gratitude for what you currently have and celebrate the wins along the way. When you do this, the journey to your goals will be more enjoyable and a fulfilling one.


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