Honouring my teacher!

I wanted to write this special post today in memory of the passing of my great teacher, the legendary Dr. Wayne Dyer. 

Wayne transitioned this day last year, and left a big hole in the hearts of his family, fans and the world. This man taught me so many lessons, but the biggest being the importance of choosing and being love.

I've said it before and I'll say it again, Wayne was truly love manifested in human form. When I met him at different Hay House events, it did not matter how many fans and people were around him, he just exuded love.

I remember when I first met him at Hay House I Can Do It in Toronto, after he gave his talk, myself and a bunch of other fans swarmed all over him.

I remember he took the time to take pictures with everyone who waited for him (which were a LOT of people). When it was my turn to come up, I remember standing next time, but in a way to allow for his personal space as I felt like I did not want to intrude in his personal space.

But as I stood beside him, he grabbed my shoulders and pulled my close to his side, like an old loving friend.

This was who Wayne Dyer was. He made everyone around him feel loved and adored, and saw the best in them.

I believe everyone in one way or another, had been impacted by him. It could be through someone forgiving you due to a message he taught.

Even you reading these words, you may possibly not have followed his work, however, because he influenced my life and work, I'm able to share and as a result extending Wayne's work to you.

I felt a profound sense of loss and sadness this day last year, when I heard we lost our dear teacher. However, it made me more committed in my work to help others truly see their power and ability to live their best life. That was what Wayne wanted for the world.

To my beautiful teacher, I love you. You are dearly missed and I so feel your presence whenever I call on you.

Let's carry on Wayne's work and live a 'wishes fulfilled' life.


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