Here's how to make massive progress this month!

Welcome to a brand new month!

There’s something exciting about the start of a new month. You get an opportunity to reflect on the month past and look to the new month to set new intentions.

As we say good-bye to January, I want to remind you about the importance of goal setting and more importantly reviewing your goals.

I wanted to share some tips with you that I shared in my Facebook community, which will help you get massive results this month.

Doing this consistently will ensure that you make 2016 the best yet! The last thing I want for you is to have another year go by without seeing and having the results you want.

If you’re here in my community, then I take it as my personal mission to share and empower you with the tools to help you achieve your goals.

Here are some tips to help you do that:

Part 1: Answer the following as you reflect back on January

  1. What goals did you accomplish?
  2. What goals did you NOT accomplish?
  3. What lessons did you learn this month? (Could be that you put too much on your plate or maybe didn't give enough of yourself and did not prioritize your goals.)
  4. List 5-10 things you were grateful for this month.

Part 2: Look ahead and welcome February by answering the following

  1. What do you want to accomplish this month (goals)
  2. How do you want to FEEL this month?
  3. What will it take to make your February goal(s) happen? (Get detailed here and write out tasks and steps you'll need to do to achieve your goals, and put them in your calendar!)
  4. Set the intention that this new month will bring in amazing results and miraculous events.

Now go out and make it happen.


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