While this month for some presents a time for showing their partner more affection and romance, some find this time difficult as it reminds them of being alone and not in a relationship.

Whether you are in a relationship or single, I urge you this month to start a new love affair; one with yourself.

For anyone to get more of anything in their lives including more romance, it starts with loving yourself. This does not mean narcissistic behaviour but really truly opening your heart to your true being.

Ask yourself, “Do you treat yourself  like you do a loved one, or a lover?” Especially at the start of a relationship when all you want to do is please someone and put their needs first.

If the answer is no, then start this month by putting yourself and needs first. Treat yourself to a nice relaxing massage, buy that special something you’ve been admiring or look in the mirror and find at least 3 things you love about yourself, and show love and gratitude for them. At least 3.

It could be that you are blessed to have the sight to read this newsletter. We tend to give all to others and would cringe if we heard someone speak to our loved ones like we speak to ourselves.

So this month, whether your single or coupled up, do something special for that very special someone in your life. That person who is with you 24/7 and will always be with you; You! Wishing you all an abundance of love and light.


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