Can you step out of the way and let miracles in?

There is a principal in A Course in Miracles that reads “Miracles are natural. When they do not occur something has gone wrong.” I love this line from the book because it reminds me of all the greatness and blessings we all have.

Miracles do occur naturally and is indeed occurring every day all around us. However, most time, we are blind to these miracles. We fail to recognize them for what they are and oftentimes take them for granted. This results in our loss of vision to these miracles and believing that they are not a part of our everyday life.

Another reason I love this line is that it also reminds me to look at the ways where I am blocking miracles from occurring. When I feel stuck and see things not happening around me as they should, it is then that I know that I need to get to work; spiritual work. I try to see what lessons I need to learn and what ways I’m blocking my good.

When The Course says “something has gone wrong”, that something is that we have chosen to believe in the illusions of this world. We choose to have more faith in fear and lack than to have faith in love, miracles, and abundance.

When we make a conscious effort to choose love and abundance and to look for it, we will find it. As we learn to recognize the miracles in our lives, it will open up the floodgates to us having more of it. It could be a great business opportunity or your relationship with your partner or children improving.

The ways that we experience miracles are unlimited and it is there for us every moment of every day. We just have to open ourselves to it.

Another way we block miracles in our lives is by the stories we write. What I mean by this is that every time something happens to us, we put a label on it and create a story of what it means to us and about us. Most times these stories are negative and limits us, thus creating limiting believes that holds us back. I see this mostly in money and relationships.

The great thing about this is that because we are the ones that wrote the stories in the first place, we are the ones that have the power to re-write it to one that empowers us and helps us create the type of life we want for ourselves. But, it first takes us having the courage the identify it, acknowledge it, and working to choose a new perspective.

One of the ways through which we can start to experience miracles in our lives is to remember who we are. Many times we define ourselves based by our occupation, role, etc. But the true nature of who we are is far greater.

As Marianne Williamson writes, "we are powerful beyond measure".

We have the power of the Creator/Universe inside of us. We are miracle magnets whose birthright is abundance! Can you accept that? Acceptance of this fact will be the key for you to experience miracles in your life. This is not an easy task, although it is something we all wish to have. It is not easy because we grew up believing that we are not worthy or capability with a lack mentality.

We can change this by believing our true state is one of abundance and this abundance resides within us. We do not need to attract it, but rather step into it.  It is always there, waiting for us to come home to it.


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