Attracting Wealth and Prosperity

Do you know someone who just seems lucky in all areas of their life?

Does this person set goals and achieve them with what seems like ease and calmness?

He or she may hear the same news as their co-workers, family, and friends and where most panic and think the worse; this person is positive and has complete faith in a positive outcome.

What does this person know that you don’t? Why do they seem to attract the right business opportunity, job, relationships, etc? Well, the answer lies in the word “attraction”.

They consciously or unconsciously are working with the laws of the universe which holds the key to living an abundant life. Is this really possible, you ask? Well, read on and I will summarize my beliefs on the principles I have learned from being a student of this subject, and following many teachers of this new awareness. I have really started putting these practices into my own life and seeing great outcomes as a result.

The film and book “The Secret” really brought this teaching to light.

The basic principle to this philosophy is that like attracts like.  In order for us to attract those things and people we want in our lives, we must hold those thoughts predominantly in our minds.

This film was the first tool in allowing the general public to become aware of this dynamic way of thinking. This philosophy has existed and has been written about for many years.

I wanted to highlight some key points of this philosophy to help others achieve goals they might have forgotten or ignored, due to limiting beliefs from their pasts or current circumstances. These key points, when practiced on a consistent basis, will help take one to their goals and dreams.

  1. Abundance is our Birthright. This is very important and a key to living an abundant life. Many times we think from a place of lack and competition. This can be in business when we feel that we must get more than our competitors. Yes, it is important to know what competitors are doing to ensure you have a unique differentiation to your business. However, it is also important to focus on your own business and know that it is okay if your customers shop or do business with your competitor. Remember, there are more than enough customers to go around and provide for your business. This also is true in your personal life. Your neighbour or friend gets a promotion or buys a new luxurious car. Envy is dangerous to the quest of prosperity because if you are envious, you will give off feelings of lack and that is all you will receive–situations to keep you feeling you are lacking. Truly be happy for your neighbour or friend and wish them well.  Know that what God/Universe (whatever definition that fits into your spiritual practice) provides for others, he will do for you too–sometimes even more than you can ever imagine.  Do not let the ego take over and put you in a state of lack. Know that there is more abundance than we can ever know. It is our human mind that places limitations on what we can have, be and achieve.
  2. Seek and do things that make you feel Happy. Yes, I can hear most of you now. Give me the new job, car, house, jewellery etc. and I will be happy. This is a misconception. If that were true, then all the rich people in the world would be happy and content. We can look to popular media at celebrities with all the money in the world, and yet they are unhappy.  I have learned and believe that we must seek happiness from within and then our desires will be materialized.  Being happy puts you in a frequency to attract positive things to make you feel happier. This is one of the Universal Laws and it exists whether we are aware of it or not.
  3. Thoughts do not Create Things. Faith, love, and belief in those thoughts are the key to manifest our desires. This really is a world of vibrations, and everything is made up of energy. You must be in a vibrational alignment with the things you want, and that comes from knowing with utmost faith that it will happen. It truly takes faith and belief to move past resistance and overcome negative outcomes and obstacles. Most people fail to achieve their goals because they see roadblocks as failures, and refuse to go further and persevere. When one has complete faith, he/she can confidently push further even in the face of challenges. Another great thing about having complete faith in our goals coming to fruition is the fact that we can keep working to make it materialize without anxiety, because we know it is on its way.  Anxiety comes from fear and doubt in not accomplishing our goals. This may sound very mystical to some, but once you get a hold of this principle and put it to use, magic really does happen.
  4. Attitude of Gratitude. One of the powerful ways to attract prosperity is to have an attitude of gratitude. This is such a powerful practice because you can never gain more and be blessed if you do not appreciate what you currently have. I know some people may find themselves in situations where they feel they are lacking and are unhappy with their circumstances.  Everyone has some reason to be happy and has something that they can appreciate. It could be your children, family, friends, or the fact that you are alive reading this article. It could be that you have a job to go to each and every day. Yes, it may not be your ideal job, but be happy that you have a job that pays you a regular paycheck. The Universe/God (again whatever definition that fits into your spiritual practice) really does give you more to be thankful for, once you appreciate what you currently have in your life.  I personally keep a daily gratitude journal which I started after watching Oprah Winfrey. It is something that connects me back to the spirit within and units me to The Source. To really attract miracles, meditate on what you’ve written in your gratitude journal and truly feel and be in a place of gratefulness. You will be filled with light and energy that is needed to make a positive impact on your life.
  5. Be of Service. Being of service really is our true calling in life.  Now, I am not saying that one becomes completely selfless and does nothing that pleases himself/herself (this would go against seeking happiness). This call to service is one that all major religions and philosophers have believed.  “Love one another as I love you” was one of the greatest commandments given to us.  For one week, do an experiment and every day try to seek someone to service. This could be as simple as opening the door for a complete stranger, giving someone a genuine smile, complimenting someone on their new clothing, hairstyle, etc., or volunteering at a local shelter. All of these are forms of service and a call to love one another. How does this lead to more prosperity?  Well, it is the same as the law of attraction. You are giving it, and therefore, it must return back to you in some form.  In order for us to receive, we must give. There is no other way around it. Most people intend to give as soon as they receive more (for example, increase in pay, work bonuses, promotion etc.), but they could not have it more wrong. Give as much as you can, and honestly give from a place of love and gratitude.  It will not work if you give from a place of obligation or resentment for having to give because that feeling is negative, and not coming from the heart.  Give and you shall receive.

To conclude, it is important for you to understand that we are meant to have abundance and prosperity.

Everything we need to achieve these all comes from within. Nothing and no one can take it away except us.

We are made to be happy and to have the life we dream of having. We go through life seeking happiness, love, and looking to external things to satisfy us. However, true happiness really does come from within. No material form can ever make us content and fulfilled.

Everything we need to lead a life of prosperity is found inside. It is a very simple process, but very hard to do. Hard because as humans, we have been conditioned to think in forms of lack and competition, when really the opposite is true.

We live in an abundant environment where there is more than enough to go around. We just have to condition our minds to move past our egos, and live and work from a place of love. This will truly change our lives and magic will occur wherever we go.


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