Are you having some fun on your journey?

Wow, it's crazy how much the year has progressed. I sit here in contemplation of the past year, which I sometimes do when I celebrate the beautiful day that is my birthday (which was yesterday - Happy Birthday to me! :).

I like to look back at the past year and reflect on my accomplishments and current goals.

What's come up for me today is the need to enjoy my journey as I reach towards my goals. Those that know me well know that I always have something on the go.

Yes, my time has a lot of demands like yours probably does, however, one of my goals for the year was to be more present in my interaction with others, especially for my family. Another thing that's become important to me is to enjoy my journey more.

As humans, we are meant to stretch and take on challenges. Most of us don't always stretch past our comfort zone, which is needed to grow and succeed, but that yearning to be and want more is a human desire that we all have in common.

However, sometimes we tend to focus too much on the destination that we don't sit and consider how much growth and accomplishments we've had along the way.

Enjoying the journey also includes adding ways to make accomplishing your goals fun and exciting. This is important because at some point, we will get to the part where things start to become difficult or mundane and the beginner's excitement is gone and we need to work at it to stay inspired and motivated. This is when enjoying the journey and infusing some fun and excitement into it helps to sustain our energy.

It could be buying a cute outfit after losing that last ten pounds, or a great mani/pedi or relaxing massage for dedicating a full day to business development for your business and gaining more leads.

You can also reach out to someone you admire and ask them to mentor you. You can schedule a fun afternoon at your favourite restaurant and pick their brains. Another great thing is to attend an inspiring event (like Hay House I Can Do It) or join a mastermind group with like-minded people. There are so many ways to add some fun and excitement to your journey.

One of the things I personally plan to do in the future is get together with some great ladies and do a wealth creation mastermind that includes a fun day of pampering, yoga, masterminding, and talk on personal development.

Yes, there are some tedious and difficult tasks that we must do consistently to turn our dreams into a reality, but it is also equally important to have time to reflect and inject some fun into your life and business.

After all, that's the reason why we established the goals and do the work in the first place.

We wanted to create something that we desire that will improve our lives in some way and make us happier. Let's make the effort to enjoy the ride and be happy during the process and not just at the end.


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