Finding the Light Within


Share your story of finding your light and become a beacon for others to find their own light! 

Have you gone through an experience where you held yourself back? 

Maybe you lived your life in the shadow of others, holding yourself back and shrinking your light?

But you now stand tall, rising beyond the self imposed limitations that held you back. 

You learned tools and strategies that allowed you to awaken from your darkness and into your power!

If this is you, then I invite you to share your story through our newest collaborative book project... Finding the Light Within. 

Finding the Light Within is a unique co-authoring book opportunity brought to you by My Empowered Living. 

You have amazing lessons to share, and it's time to serve others through becoming a published author.

After running numerous Write your Book workshops in the past, it became clear to me you have a deep desire to write a book. You have a gift, story and lessons to share that will serve others.

But the process feels overwhelming and intimidating. You’re not sure if you have enough content to fill an entire book, and would love support and to collaborate with like-minded people on a book.

This is why co-authoring has become popular with new and experienced writers. It’s a great way to become a published author with support from a community.

After many requests from my workshop participants, I created this unique opportunity to help you co-author a book.

This opportunity is not like your typically co-authoring book. It’s not about making money just by producing a book. I will NOT promise you best selling status, by getting all the authors to buy books at the same time in order to accomplish it.

This is not what this project is about! This book is about YOU!

I want to give you the experience of becoming a published author PLUS training to build your platform and expand your business through becoming an author. Most of all, I want you to share your story and experience the profound feeling and healing that comes from helping others through your story and experience.

My goal and vision is to give you the experience and confidence to move into writing your OWN book.

Through this process, you’ll get expert training and coaching not typically offered in other co-authoring packages.

You’ll get…

  • A chapter in a book 
  • One hour book coaching, with an experienced book coach to help you turn your idea, and experience into your own full chapter
  • 10 paperback books (to share and/or sell as you wish)
  • Opportunity to have book carried in stores
  • Interview series/summit with authors to expand your reach and gain visibility for your work and business
  • Book trailer for the book launch


Group Training on:

  • Building your author platform
  • Selling books to stores
  • How to leverage your book to grow your business


Your investment in this one of a kind opportunity to become published?

Just one full payment of $850 OR 3 payments of $310 +HST.


How is this project different?

This book project is different because I want you to gain the confidence through this book to write your own book. This book is the stepping stone, and catalyst to help you write your own book.

This is why it was important for me to give you access to a book coach who will help you with your writing process. From that experience it'll help you when it comes to writing your own book. 

In addition, I’ve had success in my self published book. I worked to get my self-published book carried in Indigo-Chapters stores across Canada. I organized and coordinated book signings for my books to expand the reach and introduce my book to those who may not have known of it.

I leveraged my book to build my coaching practice, increase my PR and marketing reach, plus add incremental sales to my business.

I want to teach you this so you can have the same experience.

Why this Book?

This book is themed Finding the Light Within. I want you to share your story and path to your finding your divine light and power. To inspire those currently playing small and denying the truth of their divine being!

I want you to share the tools and strategies that helped you into your power and rise up, so you can become a mirror that the reader can use to see the light within themselves too. 

Finding the Light Within, lends itself to all areas. It could be in your…

  • Relationships
  • Health
  • Money Stories
  • Business/Career
  • And more

We want to know and share your story, so you can impact and serve others in a major way!

This project is limited to no more than 15 authors.

If you want to become a published author, plus get training in building your author platform, then this is your chance.

Fill out the following short application process and we'll contact you with a booking link to get the project started and see if you’d be a fit for our book.