Why Use Organic Skin Care?

style Aug 21, 2012

More consumers are opting for natural or organic products for their skin care regime. With the risks of preservatives and other potentially harmful ingredients found in many skin care products, it is no surprise that we are seeing a rise in demand for these products. By choosing to use organic products, you can drastically reduce the amount of chemicals that enter your body. Most skin care products on the market today have a combination of synthetic ingredients that contain a variety of harmful chemicals and synthetic preservatives.

Plants that are not organic are often heavily contaminated with herbicides, pesticides, and other chemical fertilizers. By choosing organic skin care products, you can take comfort knowing that the ingredients placed on your skin are nutritious, naturally raised, and free from harmful substances. 

  • Studies have demonstrated that chemicals and synthetic preservatives can lead to pre-mature aging and various types of cancers/diseases. 
  • Nutrients found in organic extracts effectively heal and nourish the skin, while helping to increase elasticity, resulting in healthier and more youthful-looking skin. 
  • The human body absorbs approximately 60-70% of what is applied topically (absorbing nutrients into the blood stream and vital organs). 
  • Organic ingredients do not face the same mass production as genetically-modified ingredients. 
  • Organic ingredients possess an extremely high nutritional content, benefiting the entire body. 
  • Non-organic ingredients often contain dangerous pesticides, herbicides, and chemical fertilizers. 
  • To simply know that you are applying only the finest, most pure ingredients onto your skin.

To ensure you are putting only the best and most pure ingredients onto and into your body, take the time to read the ingredients label on the products you currently use. If you are not familiar with the ingredients, then chances are they should not be applied to your skin. Truly natural products are not only safer, but they also typically contain an array of beneficial nutrients that effectively heal damaged cells and capillaries, thus reducing the signs of aging. 

Written by David Brooke

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